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The reputation of Healthy Smile Dental has been earned over the years through our dedication to providing the highest standard of dental care to our patients. We pride ourselves on providing a complete level of dental and patient care.

Our philosophical approach to our patients is based on a commitment to building trusting relationships with them, and providing them with genuine and dedicated care.

Many of our patients come to us through recommendation from friends and family.

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Straighter teeth with clear aligners

Clear removable aligners are perhaps the highest profile orthodontic treatment option currently available on the market. They are gaining popularity as an effective yet discreet method to straighten teeth, and to help adults and teenagers achieve a perfectly aligned smile. What are […]


Regular use of mouthwash helps reduce tooth decay and cavities in children

  Mouthwash, along with toothpaste and flossing, are essential oral care products to maintain oral health for adults and children. However, for kids there are kid-friendly oral care products that have distinctly different properties to those for grown-ups. While fluoridated kids’ toothpaste […]


What to expect when getting a custom-fitted sports mouthguard

Despite the outrageous claims of unscrupulous over-the-counter and online mouthguard retailers, nothing beats a custom-fitted mouthguard made by your dentist. In fact, these “do-it-yourself” mouthguards have been proven to be far less safe and effective in U.S. studies, and are not endorsed […]


Common oral health problems for adults aged (60+)

The most common oral health problems for adults aged 60+ include: • Dry mouth: Dry mouth is the result of reduced saliva production. This oral condition is often a side effect caused by use of prescription medication or certain medical conditions. Dry […]