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Dentist Stephen Wong Dentist Brant Law Dentist My Khanh Trinh
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Dentist: Panny Hou Front Desk: Bella Front Desk: Amii
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Dentist Stephen Wong Dentist My Khanh Trinh Dentist Julian Mok
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Dentist Mei Leong Dentist Hye In Kim Dentist Kobe Ko
Front Desk: Amanda Dental Assistant: Borbee Dental Assistant: Wei
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Dental Assistant: Yvette Practice Manager: Monique


Dentist Stephen Wong

Stephen is a native of the bustling, exciting city of Hong Kong. Stephen was still a child when his family settled on the beautiful Gold Coast to explore exciting new opportunities for him and his siblings. By the time Stephen graduated from the Australian school education system, he had acquired a strong sense of vocation towards dentistry. He decided to pursue further education and training in dentistry, by enrolling in the Bachelor of Dental Science program at the University of Queensland.

After graduating in 2001 with honours, Stephen gained invaluable professional experience in both the private and public dental sectors. He has a strong belief in maintaining a detailed understanding of all aspects of modern dentistry. Stephen backs up his belief by regularly attending lectures and seminars held by industry experts to advance and update his dental knowledge.

Stephen’s passion to make a difference in the Brisbane dental scene saw him connect up with Dr. Julian Mok, a like-minded professional associate and friend. Their shared vision inspired them to take the first steps to build Healthy Smile Dental from scratch into a reality. By 2004, the first Healthy Smiles Dental practice was opened.

As co-founder of Healthy Smile Dental, Stephen’s mission is to create a dental practice that provides a full range of modern personalised treatment options to suit the individual dental needs of each of his patients – from babies to over 65s. Recognising the need for an all-encompassing dental practice in surrounding areas, Stephen is currently setting up our new and exciting Underwood practice.


Dentist Brant Law

Dr Law is born in Malaysia, but moved to Dunedin, New Zealand as a child. Thirteen years later he made the move to Australia. Before joining the Healthy Smile Dental team two years ago, Dr. Law practiced dentistry in Grafton NSW.

Dr Brant Law is a senior dentist with over fifteen years of experience. He provides exceptional dental treatment for all his patients, and takes great pride in doing so. Dr Law has a special interest in wisdom teeth extractions, oral surgery, and crowns and bridges. He participates in continuing professional development and education to ensure he provides the highest quality dental care for his patients.

Dr Law prefers the sunshine, so after thirteen years in NSW, he has decided to relocate to the Sunshine State to practise dentistry permanently.


Julian Mok

Dr Julian Mok was born in Malaysia, and moved to Australia when he was 2 years old. He has been a dentist for over fifteen years since completing his studies at the University of Queensland. He has worked in both private and public sectors during this time.

Dr. Mok has a passion for dentistry, and has a keen interest in all aspects of dentistry. His love of dentistry is founded on relating to and understanding his patient’ needs and wants. As a result, he has a comprehensive approach to dentistry that ensures his patients are fully informed, and understand their personalised treatment plans. Having established long relationships with his patients, Julian is currently directing at Healthy Smile Dental’s Calamvale practice.


Dentist Hye In Kim

Dr Hye-In Kim grew up in Australia and graduated from The University of Queensland in 2009. She was born in South Korea and is fluent in Korean as well as English.

As a Senior Dentist in the public system, Hye-In gained a wide variety of experience in treating adults and children. Hye-In strongly believes in evidence-based best practice and provides high quality treatment in all fields of general dentistry. She also loves teaching and has taught dentistry students at both The University of Queensland and Griffith University.

Hye-In has been at Healthy Smile Dental Calamvale since 2012 and enjoys the ongoing relationships she has built with the families that attend Healthy Smile. Hye-In understands that people may often be anxious about dental visits, so she spends time with her patients explaining their treatment and providing compassionate, gentle care.

In her spare time, Hye-In enjoys keeping fit and relaxing with family and friends.


Dentist My Khanh Trinh

My Khanh has a passion for dentistry, and she is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their oral health goals. Her genuine warm and caring nature fosters good dentist-patient communication which helps her to ensure and deliver the highest standard of dental treatment to her patients.

Since graduating with honours from the University of Queensland, My Khanh has been a strong advocate for quality, safe and timely oral healthcare in the public dental system. She has had invaluable experience practicing dentistry for some of Queensland’s more remote communities in her role as a Senior Government Dentist.

However, My Khanh has always appreciated the more personal approach to patient care taken by private dental practices, and has worked in this sector since her graduation. It was only natural that when her old uni colleagues, Julian and Stephen, approached her to join the Healthy Smile dental team, My Khanh welcomed the opportunity to share their vision, and establish herself more firmly in the private dental sector.


Dentist Mei Leong

Dr. Mei was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She moved to Australia at the age of 19 to pursue her passion for Dentistry at the University of Queensland and has since called Australia home.

Since graduating from the University of Queensland, Mei has found her second home at Healthy Smile Dental where she developed a strong passion and enthusiasm for helping her patients achieve their oral health goals.

Beyond her work at Healthy Smile, Mei also extends her care to the Queensland Health Community, where she is able look after public sector patients, particularly senior citizens.

Gentle touch with a friendly smile is one of Mei’s many attributes. Although, don’t be fooled by her petite stature. Outside of work, Mei enjoys playing a variety of sports. In particular, she enjoys Volleyball and plays competitively.


Dentist Panny Hou

Dr Panny Hou graduated from the University of Queensland, and was awarded the David Dunlop Memorial Bursary for highest achievement in Dentistry for Children.

Panny enjoys all aspects of dentistry, and is committed to offering the highest standard of care to her patients whilst attending to their needs in a gentle and caring manner.

Nothing is more rewarding to Panny than being able to put her anxious patients – both young and old – at ease, and helping them to achieve a healthy, happy smile.

Panny is a firm believer of continuing professional development. She regularly attends courses and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in dentistry, so that she is able to provide the best possible care for her patients.

Outside of dentistry, Panny enjoys travelling, dining out and spending time with her family and friends.


Dentist Kobe Ko

Dr. Kobe was born in Taiwan and moved to Australia at a very young age. He grew up in Brisbane and attended all his schooling in the Southside. Kobe completed his university studies at Griffith University in Gold coast.

Kobe enjoys all aspects of dentistry. He aims for a patient oriented approach to dentistry where he explains everything to the patient and allow the patient to make the decision themselves. During treatment, Kobe aims to create a relaxed environment to make the dental appointment as comfortable as possible. He keeps up to date with modern dentistry where he attends continued professional development.

In his spare time, Kobe enjoys going outdoors, where he loves to go hiking, swimming and travelling. He loves to play basketball with his friends who have a team in the local Sunday league. He also loves to try new foods around town. Because of his love of food, he is currently trying to improve on his cooking as well.