Is your diet damaging your teeth & causing gum disease?

Poor oral health affects the vast majority of Australian adults and children. The most recent data shows that Australians aged over 15 years old had on average 12.8 decayed, filled or missing teeth. There are many factors that can negatively impact on […]

Healthy-Smile-dental-plant-based-anti-inflammatory-diet gingivitis

Whole food plant-based diet helps reduce gingivitis

In a recent 2019 study, researchers from the University of Freiburg, Germany have found that an anti-inflammatory plant-based diet can help reduce gingivitis.   What is gingivitis? Gingivitis is a preventable oral condition in which gum irritation, bleeding and inflammation occurs, usually […]


Why is breastfeeding better for your child’s oral development?

It is well understood that breastfeeding greatly benefits an infant child nutritionally, but did you know that breastfeeding can impact on a child’s future teeth development into adulthood for an entirely different reason? Breastfeeding helps widen the child’s palate to allow more […]


Types of Invisalign clear aligners available in Australia

The Invisalign system is an almost invisible orthodontic treatment that has taken the world by storm since entering the market back in 1999. Now, over 5.5 million patients owe their perfect, natural smiles to Invisalign. The original Invisalign system has been continuously […]


What are the best types of dental implants?

What are the best types of dental implants? Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, improve your oral health, and restore your chewing ability for better digestion and nutritional intake. The two best types of bio-safe dental implants currently […]


Children Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) to continue from 2019 through to 2022

In last week’s federal budget, the Australian Government announced the allocation of $1 billion funding towards the Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS). This should ensure the continuation of the CDBS until at least 2022. The president of the Australian Dental Association, Dr. […]