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iTero 3D scanning technology

Using state of the art, modern digital technology, your dentist uses an iTero scanner to take a scan that takes digital impressions to produce 3D models and detailed images. It uses Near Infrared Imaging Technology (NIRI) to take intraoral images that scan your internal tooth structure and can also aid in any early detection.

With more detailed visualisation and wider viewing angles to assist in any treatment plan discussions including real-time timelapse visualisation plus an Invisalign outcome simulator. See how cutting-edge digital scanning performance can deliver a seamless experience.

How did they do it before?

Before 3D scanning technology dentists would use PVS (poly-vinyl siloxane) which was an addition-reaction silicone elastomer. It consisted of a liquid that cured quickly into a rubber-like solid, taking the shape of whatever surface it was lying against while curing and hardens rapidly. It was widely
used in dentistry as an impression material but now digital impressions are much faster and accurate.

Poly Vinyl Siloxane
PVS (poly vinyl siloxane)
iTero 3D Scanner

Useful for orthodontic procedures

If you’re considering Invisalign then an Invisalign outcome simulator tool helps to keep you engaged and your treatments on track as you can see any progress for yourself. An iTero scanner can go a long way toward shortening the time between the initial scan for Invisalign treatment to your first set of clear aligners, the perfect combination for digital orthodontic treatment.

What about restorative solutions

For more traditional treatments like crowns and bridges to veneers and onlays, even to a lack of teeth the iTero scanner can enhance treatment predictability and efficiency. If the dentist’s job is quicker and easier then ultimately you have a better experience and outcome. iTero intraoral scanners offer an excellent means for visualising restorative dentistry treatments.

iTero 3D Scanning

Modern and precise

When the dentist shows you a visual diagnostic for any restorative or orthodontic comparison you start to get excited about what your new smile could look like. With iTero timelapse technology you can see how your treatment is progressing with every visit. Your oral health is also important which is why there is no harmful radiation. With vibrant colour scanning and rich 3D visualisation enquire with us on your next appointment to see for yourself at HSD Dental.

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iTero 3D Scanner