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Take a look at your teeth in the mirror. You can see your front tooth surfaces quite well, and with a small dental mirror you can check out what’s going on behind your teeth. But can you see what’s happening inside your teeth or below the gum line? Probably not.

Your dentist has the same problem, which is why dentists take OPGs. OPGs make the invisible visible, and provide important diagnostic information for your dentist so they can deal with problems inside your teeth and gums.

What are OPGs?

OPGs (Orthopantograms) are a type of dental x-ray that produces a wide panoramic scanning dental x-ray of your upper and lower teeth. OPGs are used regularly in routine checkups to monitor and assess the health of your teeth and gums.

Oral conditions that can be diagnosed and monitored by OPGs include:

  • oral infections & abscesses
  • gum disease
  • oral fractures
  • dislocated jaws & other jaw issues
  • hidden decay & cavities
  • tumours, cysts and other disorders
  • abnormal tooth development
  • impacted teeth & wisdom teeth development
  • dental implant planning


Benefits of OPGs

OPGs are fast, easy and convenient, especially for patients with limited jaw movement. They also utilise the lowest patient radiation dose of any x-ray, with no radiation left in your body once the OPG scan has completed.

Not opting for an OPG can result in the progression of undiagnosed oral conditions – leading to more serious oral health consequences. OPGs provide early detection and allow for timely treatment thus increasing your chances for a quick and successful recovery.

Healthy Smile Dental utilise the latest, state-of-the-art OPG machine

Healthy Smile Dental has a state-of-the-art OPG machine onsite. Our OPG machine delivers premium image scans of your teeth, gums and jaw instantly, so that our dentists can accurately assess your oral condition during your check up. We can even email you a copy of your OPG for your personal records.