Wisdom Teeth

The last teeth to develop and emerge from your gums are the wisdom teeth. They are called wisdom teeth because they appear at an age when most of us are already adults – thus “wiser” than children.


A common issue with wisdom teeth is that not everyone has enough jaw space for the wisdom teeth to move in to. In this event, the wisdom teeth can only partially emerge from the gums. Additionally, wisdom teeth may not always emerge the right way and have been known into a backward horizontal position.

There are several reasons why wisdom teeth removal is recommended:

  • For partial tooth eruptions, a lot of food and plaque can accumulate around the tooth which can lead to chronic tooth and gum infections.
  • Wisdom teeth emerging in an awkward direction can damage the adjacent tooth or the soft cheek tissue around it.
  • Since wisdom teeth are situated in the back of the mouth, a lot of people find it more difficult to clean this area with a toothbrush or floss. Lack of oral hygiene and care in these hard to reach areas can result in tooth decay and caries. Wisdom tooth removal can prevent these oral conditions and benefit a patient’s long term oral health.

The reason why the wisdom teeth extraction has acquired a bad reputation in the past is because they can be difficult to access and remove. The unpredictable shape of their roots can further complicate extraction. However most wisdom teeth extractions are straight forward and present no complications. Nevertheless, there are difficult cases. Unfortunately, the negative stories attract more attention which has led to all the negative connotations associated with wisdom teeth removal.

At Healthy Smile Dental, if we consider your wisdom teeth require a more complex extraction procedure, we will refer you to an oral surgeon who specialises in these cases.