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As we advance in age, oral health issues can creep up on us without our realising it. Understanding the special oral health conditions that affect seniors is an important first step to recognising their symptoms, and seeking timely treatment.

While daily brushing, flossing, and attending regular dental checkups are a normal oral health routine for most adults, as you get older things change. Certain general and age-related health issues may start to impact on the way adults aged 60+ take care of their oral health.

For example, seniors may need to wear dentures, take more medication, and deal with other serious general health conditions. All of these issues can make it a challenge for many seniors to keep their oral health on track.

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However, if you are a senior, you needn’t worry about facing these issues and complications alone. Fortunately, your dentist and doctor can lend a helping hand to ensure that any issues you have with your oral and general health are diagnosed, treated and taken care of. That’s because many oral and general health conditions are linked. For example, periodontal disease affects diabetes and vice-versa. Follow-up oral care management can be identified and prescribed by doctors also.

There are effective dental and medical solutions for almost all the oral health issues associated with aging. With the right oral care, hygiene and regular dental checkups, more and more seniors are keeping their natural teeth for longer, and experiencing good oral health.

Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff to raise any of your concerns regarding your oral health, and remember to inform us whenever your medication changes, at your next visit.

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